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First, we assess the viability of your wanting to partner with us. If so, we start with researching and assessing the opportunity you are looking to us for assistance with. We look for the root cause of the opportunity. We proceed to review the foundation – what are the principles, vision, mission, and leaders’ roles in relation to the goals and challenges.

Next, we look at current performance versus the desire performance in order to develop a means for all to be able to re-focus from past paradigms, failures, and errors to focusing upward to the goal(s) that lead to the realizing the vision of the organization.  Focus upward.

2014 PMS Global Congress
Speaker and Author Published Paper
Phoenix, AZ

Development Project Manager
Center of Excellence
Fortune 250 company

Training and Development
Junior Achievement
Central Florida
Pinnacle Award Winning Office

2013 PMI Global Congress
Speaker and Author Published Paper
New Orleans, LA

2012 PMI Global Congress
Speaker and Author Published Paper
Vancouver, Canada

2012 North Carolina PMI
Annual Conference Speaker
Raleigh, NC

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These are the 10 living ingredients of Finest First operations, all of which can positively impact your people, processes, performance, and profitability.

  • Root Cause

    An initial assessment or determining the root cause of a performance opportunity is the first focus of all our efforts, to help insure energy and resources are optimized, to positively impact long-term results.

  • Foundation

    Establishing, or re-building, a strong, solid, and unified foundation, for all personnel in all operations, is a second priority before taking any steps of engagement.

  • Integrity

    It is our commitment to you, while working with your organization, to assist you in optimizing performance, Integrity will not be compromised.  We will always work from a transparent, open and honest platform and ask the same of our clients.

  • Excellence

    Teaching people to reach for the best in all they do is the environment we will pursue with all people related to your organization.

  • Efficiency

    A key guard rail we use to insure resources and end results are obtained without unnecessary time, resources, personnel, financial, or energy waste.

  • Relationships

    A key ingredient we incorporate to promote a win-win-win culture in your operations (Company – Employee – Customer).

  • Focus

    A key reminder to be instilled with the team in order to stay (or return) to the path of performance excellence through the journey of the complete steps of the process/project.

  • Character

    Finest First will operate to our best ability to insure our actions will reflect and be an example of what is good and right in the eyes of the Lord; and, when we fail, we will speak of our failure, ask forgiveness, and return to the path of serving you to reach your performance excellence goals.

  • Quality Time

    We will optimize our time with you, serving and expensing only actual time invested in your organization; and, we will direct our processes, we develop with your organization, to establish a culture of a time for all things.

  • Continuous Improvement

    The litmus test of the processes and culture we help to establish with your organization, to insure checks and balances plus a shield against complacency, the status quo, and stagnation, to support long-term growth and excellence.

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