Our First Cornerstone

We put forth our finest for you

Whether for clients, employees or vendors, we believe in providing our finest in care, support, training, coaching, assessments, consulting. We are a company built upon Jesus Christ’s, Paul’s, and James’ principles of truth, faith, trust, respect, justice, perseverance, talent and  treasures, servant-leadership, fair and profitable gain while providing for employees.

Chuck Hazama

Principal / Partner

Chuck Hazama is a World-Class Traumatic Brain Injury (TBi) Recoverer. He is an advocate for those who are disabled, chronically ill, addicted, broken yet forced to live and work in life behind the daily mask of everything is ‘OK’. This is most of us, is it not?

Chuck’s recovery is directly linked to his past expertise as a leadership development and trainer. His motivational wherewithal and leadership prowess has allowed him to overcome the disabling effects of TBi and is a leader in one-on-one coaching, as his TBi allows. Chuck is the visionary and leadership expert behind the scenes of Finest First.

  • Leadership development consultant and trainer
  • Identification and development of hands-on personal growth strategies, and related training, to positively impact career development, retention, and operating profitability
  • Focal points included building a foundation, team-building, performance management, communication techniques, and accountability
  • Process change catalyst
  • Transforming operations with best practices which incorporate simplicity, discipline, and long-term profit strategies
  • Auditor and trainer of operations
  • Focus on financial goals and objectives, administrative handling and policy adherence
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Deb Banister-Hazama

Principal / Partner

Deb Banister-Hazama PMP, MS, is a trainer, project manager, coach, and consultant.  Until 2022, she was also a family therapist counselor for over 12 years.  As business partner with her husband, Chuck Hazama, Deb has a knack for balancing project work with training and development. Whether managing large projects ($50M+, 5 years+), conducting training to large groups or meeting one-on-one as a therapist/coach, Deb works with individuals and groups to create cohesive, highly functioning people which allows for high performance teams.

Deb is the face and feet on the ground for Finest First. Deb works with Finest First clients in areas of need, and specializes in training and development applying project management leadership.

  • Project management processes
  • Leadership and team development
  • Instructor led training: coaching, one-on-one interactions
  • Motivational sessions, behavior management, project management, planning and implementation, procedural development and applicability, excellence in action, continuous improvement and establishing Centers of Excellence
  • Applies metrics to show progress and improvement path for individuals, teams and projects
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Our commitment and involvement with you and your organization with integrity, honesty and trust, to assist you in optimizing growth in your performance, will not be compromised.


Tying your Vision, Mission, and Purpose directly to your day-to-day bottom line; establishing a culture of trust; and, teaching your people to ask the question, “Is what I am about to do directly related to reaching our organization’s vision?”


Building, teaching, and encouraging people to reach for the best in all they do, using the gifts they are created with, is the environment we will pursue with all people related to your organization.

Interested in working together? Call 877.346.3781 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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