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Our Vision and Lifeblood Checklist

The Seven Key Elements

  • Plan

    Finest First takes the time to assess where a team, a project, a department, a company, or an individual is, which helps to begin develop a plan. The plan includes addressing Finest First principles so that your vision, mission, strategies, and goals are aligned and set up to succeed.

  • Prepare

    Finest First helps make sure people are in place; skill-sets are addressed; gaps in skills acknowledged and materials, resources, process guidelines, and expectations are all aligned and communicated.

  • Practice

    Finest First provides direction in determining the team, the training needed, the lead roles, key positions, expectations, and responsibilities allowed for the application and implementation, plus the learning and adjusting time required, all which was done in the planning and preparations, to set you up for success.

  • Performance

    Finest First believes performance is as much about productivity as it is about well-matched people and skills. It is about the right people in the right roles, plus monitoring workflows and reporting outcomes can have an immediate positive effect on performance. Addressing performance is correlated with productivity, measurement and vision; whereby, adjustments to the matching of behaviors and skills to training and plans can be made.

  • Processes

    Finest First can review, assess, and walk through the processes to address bottlenecks and/or missed steps, or we can assist you with crafting first-time guidelines to assist in efficient, productive planning, and implementation of an efficient process. Processes with standards, procedures, methods, and guidelines is the way we do our work.

  • Profitability

    Finest First focuses on improved profitability and reaching the goal. In today’s marketplace, each of these profitability “events” may or not be categorized a “project.” Does your company need Finest First because project management is needed to insure profitability and success? Sometimes, time management and solid processes with accountability and recognition is all a department or team needs.

  • People

    Getting the right people on board, in the right roles, appropriately trained and developed, with adequate resources, encouragement, and support, creates loyal, productive, happily fulfilled, dedicated, successful people, who use their gifts to help you reach your goals and excellence in performance. Finest First can assist with coaching, training, individual development plans, even systems and organizational design. As we all know, people are our most valuable asset.

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